Web Based Software Development

Iron Lava Corp was originally founded in January 2001 to combine the talents of application developers of one company with the web design capabilities of another company. This combination allows us to build and provide effective custom web-based software development.

The following lists some of the uses for web based software:

  • dynamically generate content using a web browser
  • create charts and graphs on the fly simply by adding data to your web site's database
  • provide dynamic and current stock information for your investors
  • create a portal to enhance communications within a group or association
  • add eCard functionality to your site to help generate more traffic
  • use a list-server to send bulk email to visitors who have added their names to your database
  • allow users to send links to their friends directing them back to your site
  • conduct business transactions with your suppliers and customers

Contact us at (403) 291-9812 for more information or to discuss your project needs. You can also visit our online portfolio for solutions provided by Iron Lava Corp.

Sample Dynamic Websites

The screenshots below represent a small sampling of the websites with dynamic content. Please visit our online portfolio for a more complete listing.

YourCalgary.ca Marda Loop Business Revitalization Zone Mastel Associates Ltd.
Bloom Funds QGen.ca | Iron Lava Corp's QR Code Generator ilava.co | Iron Lava Corp's URL Shortening Service
Engineered Air Four Leg Rehab Inc. Pilot Project
AIR MILES Incentives Executive Flight Centre

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