Search Engine Optimization – Why your site SEO is important

You've likely heard a lot about keyword search and search engine rank. Is it important to a successful website? Absolutely.

The creation of an effective and strategic SEO plan is instrumental to your Google position and visibility on the internet. Smart site optimization is the most critical component of any successful website.

Under the Hood

Lurking behind the words and images of every website are hundreds of lines of computer code that most of us never see. But search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing do. They're not interested in pretty graphics. They're more concerned with making sure that the content of your website is relevant to the users of their search engines.

It's not about voodoo or trickery. It's about optimizing your website's framework to make it friendly to the search engines. The experts at Iron Lava Corp know that a website without a solid foundation just won't do the job. We use optimized tags, hyperlinks and XML site maps so that your website is easily found and understood by search engines like Google.

If the search engines can't find your website, how will your customers?

What You Say is as Important as How You Say It

Another key component of optimization is how your content is written. It has to speak to your customers and the various search engines. Using a number of special tools, Iron Lava Corp will examine your content and revise it so that it makes sense to both humans and the webcrawlers utilized by Google and Yahoo.

Iron Lava Corp offers complete content optimization solutions. Our SEO experts will work with you to achieve search ranking success. We'll rewrite portions of your copy to maximize your visibility and then submit your site to all the major web search engines.

But that's just the beginning. We'll monitor your site ranking and make any adjustments necessary to strengthen your online presence and achieve optimal search engine placement for your website.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising – PPC

Internet advertising has two major benefits that traditional mass media doesn't: It is cost effective and highly targetable. Online advertising solutions like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and even Facebook really work. And you can track your success every step of the way. No more throwing your advertising budget blindly at a mass audience. Today you can target your market directly.

Iron Lava Corp can set up and manage an online marketing campaign using a combination of words and phrases that potential clients are using right now to find your product or service. We'll customize a strategy based on your budget and provide you a breakdown of results.

In a world inundated by mass media marketing, PPC is simply the best way to convert interest into sales.


If you are interested in doing your own research on search engine optimization and PPC advertising, you will find the following sites to be useful:


After a personal consultation, Iron Lava Corp will provide you with a cost estimate of creating a personalized step-by-step plan to optimize your site and manage your PPC advertising.

No matter what your overall marketing strategy is, SEO and PPC will be a fraction of your total media buy – and likely the most effective. We can't stress it enough: Traditional mass media advertising like television, radio and print targets a broad audience, many of whom may not be interested in your product or service. With online advertising you can speak directly to your target market and do so at much, much lower costs.

Iron Lava Corp will work with you to create and implement an online marketing campaign that is highly targeted and retains your branding and identity.

Make the internet work for you. Contact us today.

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